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For lovers of home plant cultivation, we have prepared a long list of specialized Led Grow bulbs. It is high-quality equipment that will allow you to create optimal conditions for the growth of the plant at various stages of its development. Among our proposals you can find, among others inexpensive Led Grow bulbs for use during the entire life of the plant and more specialized models for, for example: growth, flowering, full-spectrum supplementation, flowering control or universal. The presented bulbs are the perfect complement to professional growbox sets, as well as a good base for preparing your own, fully professional set for growing plants indoors, in partial or complete isolation from sunlight. It is worth noting that our Led Grow bulbs fit standard E27 thread holders. We also offer kits of this type of bulbs with splitters, as well as splitters with a different number of sockets, with a standard E27 thread. Thanks to this, you can buy the entire lighting set or a single bulb that is missing for you.