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Professional planting of plants in your home, garage, basement or attic has never been and will never be a simple task. On the contrary, it is a complex task that requires corresponding large financial outlays. To start home plantings, we will need modern equipment, i.e. professional breeding tents, professional lighting equipment, ventilation equipment, irrigation equipment and appropriate feeding kits.


Thanks to its thick walls and airtight closure, the grow tent isolates the plants from the outside environment, so we can fully control the humidity, light and planting temperature. This, in turn, allows for the effective and satisfactory cultivation of edible plants, herbs or ornamental plants in apartments, cellars or garages throughout the year, and even in autumn and winter. Thanks to the use of a special metal foil, the inside of the planting box reflects light, which facilitates photosynthesis of plants - because they are healthy and strong.


The planting boxes we provide are farm tents of various sizes, airtight, and optional indoor lighting can be installed and connected to the ventilation system or irrigation system. In addition to tents, we also supply various types of supports, hangers and load-bearing hooks with Led Grow panels and lamps or ropes for other types of lights and ventilation devices, as well as insulation tape for fixing the tent.


A variety of connectors, frames and extension plates allow you to adjust the growth box to your needs - any expansion and expansion to accommodate all plants, as well as adding other elements.


The Growbox is the perfect choice for lovers and beginners who grow plants all year round. Even the basic equipment allows you to start your adventure with professional breeding, and strictly controlled conditions in the tent will ensure the best place for growing crops.