Roots aeration

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Aeration of plant roots - pumps, air stones and accessories

The roots of your plants need oxygen for the healthly grow.  If the medium does not contain enough dissolved oxygen or you are not aerating it with air stones and pumps, your plants will not thrive and will likely suffer. Oxygenating the root area will improve the rate at which plants absorb water and nutrients. Aeration will increase the development and activity of plant cells and will enhance root growth. You will also prevent water from stagnating which can damage the plant roots and cause problems such as root rot. Regardless of your budget, you can configure and install a highly efficient aeration system using air pumps supplied by the store

Ultragrow store offers a wide range of Boyu and Resun air pumps and accessories such as air stones and splitters to help you create a high performance aeration system to provide exceptional growing conditions for strong crops. Ensure your plants get enough oxygen with reliable air pumps from industry leaders. Our air pumps are well built and durable with strong materials and a compact design. They are powerful but silent. Use our air pumps and accessories to deliver increased levels of dissolved oxygen in the water for your crops and prevent the spread of disease in your tank/water body.