Substrates for hydroponics

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Substrates for hydroponic cultivation - special hydro pebbles - expanded clay for hydroponics 

Growers around the world use clay balls for hydroponics because they are pure, have a stable and neutral pH, and are suitable for a variety of hydroponic systems. Increased aeration levels, excellent water drainage properties and accelerated nutrient uptake make clay balls an ideal growing medium for DWC/RDWC, Flood & amp; Drain, Leni or Wilma. Clay pebbles are made by firing pieces of clay in a kiln, causing them to expand. They are intended to be used as a base substrate that can be mixed with other media. They are light, porous, retain moisture and improve oxygen levels in the root zone. It is a sterile substrate that keeps plants hydrated and healthy.

The store offers excellent expanded clay substrates for hydroponics supplied by the highest quality producers, such as CANNA Aqua Pebbles, Plagron Euro Pebbles or Leni. The substrate is environmentally friendly because the main ingredient in the production process is clay. Moreover, clay pebbles have a long service life. Our high-yield products deliver exceptional results and increased yields.