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At ultragrow, we offer various accessories for indoor plant growth. Recently, we have provided the necessary accessories for gardeners who like traditional outdoor planting, expanding our offer.


Accessories for cultivation

We pay attention to pots for cultivation in the open air. We provide various sizes of aluminum foil pots, ecological materials and peat pots. Even if you do not have a large area, they can also allow you to arrange your home garden in a beautiful way. Our assortment also includes all measuring devices that will facilitate checking all soil parameters (eg PH). We provide special soil for germination and rooting, low-nutrient peat and phosphorus-rich and potassium-rich peat. Abundant crops will be provided by organic and mineral fertilizers, plant protection modifiers, growth stimulants, pH regulating products and many other substances that optimize plant growth and development. In our store you will also find the necessary garden accessories: sprayers and watering cans, spring shears, elbows for forming plants, latex gloves, dispensers and garden lines.