autopot sest on 15l pots

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Autopot 15l
Are you looking for a proven system that will automate many activities related to the cultivation of plants? You do not want to be a slave of passion, are you planning to go on vacation in the near future? It seems that leaving plants unattended is a dream that cannot be realized by any gardener. But it turns out that there are systems that allow it! The set with 15-liter pots uses modern technology of automatic watering. When you decide to go on vacation, it is enough to supplement the nutrient solution in the aquarium and the system will ensure adequate hydration every day. It is worth remembering that it does not require electricity because it works by gravity. AutoPot is a leader of this type of solutions in Great Britain. It is an ideal technique for busy amateurs and those involved in commercial plant cultivation. More importantly, the system is scalable - there are no limits to its expansion.