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Are you looking for medium power HPS lamps? Perhaps you are interested in a professional sodium lamp with a power of 250W, a brightness of 32,700 lumens and a lifetime of over 32,000 hours of operation. The proposed onion model is an ideal solution for home plantations and other crops subject to partial or full control. The HPS 250W discharge lamp has a typical E40 thread and is suitable for this type of lighting. The HPS 250W lamp has a universal spectrum and works at every stage of plant development, from plant germination to flowering. The luminous flux of the bulb is very high. In addition, you can further improve it by looking for a professional mirror. Some of them are equipped with sodium lamp holders and appropriate power sources. Of course, we also provide the option of purchasing electromagnetic or electronic power supplies that support HPS 250W bulbs. You can also buy a holder for this bulb.