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For larger crops, it is necessary to use more efficient and powerful discharge lamps. In our store's offer, in addition to 150W-250W bulbs, you will also find 600W HPS bulbs. This type of lamp can have a luminous efficacy of up to 92,000 lumen. The durability of this bulb is also surprising. In the case of the best model, the life of such a high-power bulb reaches 32 thousand. Work hours. For the displayed lights, you can immediately buy spotlights or choose a complete lighting equipment, which includes sockets, bulbs and power supplies. You can also purchase such accessories separately from us. We sell E40 threaded brackets and heavy duty magnetic, electronic and digital power supplies that have been factory-modified to support these high-power bulbs. The supplied HPS lamp has a universal color temperature, so it can be used in all phases of plant growth.